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Update 2021.05.04
Perhaps the time has come to update this post once again, since, at the moment, LDH artists occupy the main place in my life.
And, since this LJ was originally dedicated to Eito, some may be confused.
I have a bit of a complicated relationship with Eito at the moment, for now, I keep uploading files with them, but I'm not sure how long it will last as I feel myself drifting further and further away from them.
Therefore, those who decide to subscribe to me because of Eito should take this into account.
Many files with Eito that I uploaded are still available, but many have already begun to be deleted from Mega, and I can no longer restore many of them.
If in this regard, those who subscribed to me just for Eito want to leave, I will understand everything and not be offended.
Otherwise, so welcome, hope you find something interesting for yourself here.

Many of my posts are only available to friends,
therefore, if you want to be added as a friend,
leave a comment on this post, in which tell us a little about yourself.
What is your name? Where are you from? Which fandom do you belong to and which group are your favorites? Who is your favorite member?
Well, and add me as a friend.

I can't always answer all the comments, but I always read them all, and they especially motivate me not to drop my LJ update.

Addition:Blank and completely inactive pages will not be added.
Add at least a photo and an introductory post.

And now a little about me.
Your can call me Hikari.
For about six years I have been a fan of Kanjani8.
Also, I was interested in some other bands, ARASHI, NEWS, TOKIO,
but now it's practically not.
In the summer of 2019, 三代目JSB and other LDH artists reappeared in my life, and stayed in it for a long time.
In general, I found out and became interested in LDH artists back in 2015, but until recently I did not immerse myself in it so much.
Now, I understand that I am thoroughly sucked into this "swamp" and I cannot get out of it.=D
And if it all started with 三代 目 JSB, now I understand that my heart belongs more to THE RAMPAGE.♥
But, I also really love GENERATIONS, and more and more begin to get attached to BALLISTIK BOYZ.
True, with FANTASTICS I'm not so close so far, although I like Hori Natsu.

What can your find in my LJ [Part 1]
What can your find in my LJ [Part 2]
Tags: 3jsb, ballistik boyz, exile, exile the second, exile tribe, fantastics, generations, kanjani8, masterpost, the rampage, welcome!, 三代目 J SOUL BROTHERS

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